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Pragma is the first zk-oracle, providing access to internet data from blockchains in a verifiable way. Star(k)t building more efficient and safer applications now.
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The data your smart-contracts always wanted.

Your smart contracts are decentralized, transparent and composable. The data you’re using to feed them should have the same properties. Start integrating Pragma’s price feed now and unlock the power of verifiable data.
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fn get_asset_price_median(oracle_address: ContractAddress, asset : DataType) -> u128  { 
    let oracle_dispatcher = IOracleABIDispatcher{contract_address : oracle_address};
    let output : PragmaPricesResponse= oracle_dispatcher.get_data(asset, AggregationMode::Median(()));
    return output.price;
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A few lines to integrate any existing data feed, a few more if you want to create a new feed using our raw data.
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Our Architecture

The first provable oracle

Pragma utilizes STARK proofs to ensure data correctness. Explore how we achieve this while maintaining a 200ms latency in running the oracle, enabling composability and programmability.
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Leverage recent breakthroughs in zero-knowledge computation by using verifiable and composable data in your decentralized application.
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Pragma is the leading oracle on Starknet, built to empower native protocols to realize their ambitious potential.

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